About Us

KSB was founded in 1997 as a general construction company that evolved five years later into a Service Disabled Veteran owned Government Service Company. The company was founded by its Chief Executive Officer, Gilbert Alexander. KSB's motto is "How can we help you be better?".

The company is currently registered in the state of Florida as; Kon-Struct Builders, Inc. DBA KSB. Continuing to maintain its government service division, KSB has provided Mission Support Services for the following government agencies listed here.

Since 2002, KSB has supported U.S. Navy training systems development and in-service operations for NAVAIR Orlando training systems Division by providing project management, system engineering, visual engineering, logistics and technical training services. Also, KSB has supported logistics operations and joint training exercises for the U.S. Army at Ft. Bragg, Ft. Drum, Ft. Polk, and Ft. Bliss by providing program management, logistics, technical training, and administrative services.

KSB provided the rear detachment support for the 18th air born corp.. at fort Bragg from November 2004 to November 2006. KSB provided the following tasks in support of the former corps distribution center, as the material management team.

  1. Program Management
  2. Engineering Services
  3. Logistics Engineering Services
  4. Facility Management
  5. Training Services
  6. Information Technology
  7. Weapons Systems Acquisition Support

KSB Inc. continues its strong partnership with "America's Guardians of Honor", the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We play a leading role supporting US Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) efforts for the 18K-plus soldiers in the Division's headquarters and six brigades. KSB, Inc. provides continuity and expertise for the successful implementation, planning, coordination and execution of all three phases of the ARFORGEN process: deployment, re-deployment, and re-intergration.

Since November 2007, KSB, Inc. has had several employees working in synchronization with the 82nd Airborne Division's top leadership to provide outstanding ARFORGEN support. We are responsible for attending ARFORGEN conferences with the unit's higher headquarters and the planning, developing, coordinating, synchronizing, and the units ARFORGEN plans prior to and during deployment. KSB, Inc. also provides staff support, assistance, advice, and recommendations in the conduct of logistics planning and analysis for the deployment, re-deployment, and re-intergrations of each unit. As an extension of the ARFORGEN process, we enable the 82nd Airborne Division's transformation to a modular force through New Equipment Fielding / New Equipment Training planning, coordination, and execution.

KSB Inc. is completely enmeshed in and committed to providing continuity and expertise for the manning, equipping, training, and housing components of the 82nd Airborne Division's ARFORGEN.

KSB is currently providing mission support to the Navies Defense Institute of International Legal studies at New Port, RI. KSB supports the resident courses and other ongoing special projects. We provide administrative, logistical, curriculum development, technical support, and instruction for the resident courses. All instructors, weather primary or guest, are considered subject matter experts.

The resident courses KSB supports are:

KSB also provides curriculum development, logistics and administrative support in the areas if 1206 (Humanitarian Rights) and Democratic Republic of Congo. KSB will continue to provide subject matter experts in other areas.

KSB is very excited about our latest endeavors in personal finance empowerment! Our primary goal is to help you manage and control your money. We are currently in the construction stages of developing this division and we will keep you posted as it unfolds. As we continue to go forward and grow, we strive to meet our primary objective, "helping make people better". So how can KSB help make you better?